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WWII and The Nazi Holocaust
The Dunera Affair
Jewish Immigration after the Second World War
Enlightenment to Holocaust
Understanding the Holocaust
Origins, Nature and Impact of Holocaust
The Nuremberg Trials
Leni Riefenstahl and Albert Speer
Links for Holocaust information
Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Personalities of the 20th Century
Yasser Arafat
Golda Meir
Events for Teachers and Students
Inter-Schools Programs
Adult Education
Jewish Community Education Programs
Judaism Studies
Judaism - An Overview
The Story of the Jewish People
Abraham and the Covenant
Moses, the Exodus and the Giving of the Torah
Principal Beliefs of Judaism
Sacred Texts: The Hebrew Bible
The Talmud and other Literature
Core Ethical Teachings of Judaism
Observance: Jewish Ritual and Prayer
Modern Judaism: Orthodox, Conservative and Progressive
Shabbat - The Sabbath
Rabbi Solomon Isaac ("Rashi")
Nehama Leibowitz
Bioethics in Judaism
Environmental Ethics in Judaism
Death and Mourning
Synagogue Services
The Ideal of Peace in Judaism
Rites of Passage
Festivals and Fasts in the Jewish Calendar
Food, the Environment and Kashruth
The Jews in Australia
Interfaith Activities
The Significance of Jerusalem in Judaism
Useful Links to Judaism Resources
Jewish Feminism
Post-War Jewish Migration
Judaism and Israel
Society and Culture
Origins and Early History of Israel
The Arab-Israeli Conflict 1948-1996
Historical Background
The Balfour Declaration
World War II
UN Partition Resolution
Arab League Declaration
Resources for Teachers
Links to resource providers
NSW Board of Jewish Education
Masada Year 10 program
Sydney Jewish Museum
Ritual Items and Garments
Teaching History and Teaching Ethics
NSWJBD Speaker Service
Questions and Comments

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