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Syllabus Topics - Year 12

Origins of tension
The War of Independence (Israeli) or The Catastrophe (Palestinian) 1947 - 1949
Consequences of the war for Israel and the Palestinians to 1967 
Political and Social Issues in Arab-Israeli relations in 1967

War and Peace
Causes, course and consequences of the 1967 (Six Day) War
Creation, aims, methods and effectiveness of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) 1964 - 1974
Causes, course and consequences of the 1973 (Yom Kippur) War, including the Camp David Treaty
Role and objectives of the superpowers in relation to events in the Middle East

The Territories and Lebanon
Attitudes and policies of the Israeli Labour and Likud parties towards the Territories
Rise and significance of the Israeli settler movement in the Territories
Reasons for the Israeli invasions of Lebanon in 1978 and 1982; and the significance of the war for Israel and the Palestinians

The Peace Process
The Intifada 1987-1994: Palestinian uprising and Israeli response
Successes and setbacks in the peace process 1988 - 1996; and support and opposition for the peace process among Israelis and Palestinians 
Significance of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the election of Netanyahu in 1996

Historical background, documents and maps

For further historical background, documents and maps from the Year 11 Preliminary course, click here.

Timeline 1900 BCE - 1948 CE
Historical Background 70 CE - 1917
Timeline 1947 - 1996


Partition Resolution 1947
British Police Memo on 1948 Exodus
Arab Sources on the 1948 Exodus
Israel’s Declaration of Independence 14 May 1948
The Arab League Statement of 15 May 1948
Plan Dalet 1948 – the Haganah’s strategic plan
The Khartoum Resolutions 1967
UN Resolution 242
The Palestinian National Covenant
10 Point Program of the Palestinian National Council 1974
Camp David Accords 1978
Arafat’s Letter to Rabin - 1993
The Oslo Accords 1993
Rabin - Washington Speech 1993
Treaty of Peace - Israel and Jordan 1994
Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement 1995
Statement after Camp David II 2000
The Hamas Covenant 1988


UN Partition Plan 1947
The Arab Invasion 1948
Armistice Boundaries 1949
Distances within the 1949 Boundaries 
Ceasefire lines 1967 
Israel's Boundaries after 1982 
The Middle East

Events since 1996

Current Developments


Golda Meir 1898-1978
Yasser Arafat 1929-2004
Prime Ministers of Israel - a List


Bibliography and Links 

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